The need for standardized forms begins with the hiring and application process and continues through the time an employee is no longer affiliated with your company. Proper documentation of your employee’s performance and behavior is an essential part of any HR program. It provides a clear record of positive performance when considering rewarding an employee with promotions, raises or bonuses. It also provides documentary evidence to support disciplinary actions and to protect you the employer from the potential legal fallout of employment decisions you may make

TR Anton developed an effective and complete human resource management system that includes essential human resource forms and comprehensive training to guide you and effectively document your employment practices from pre-hiring thru separation. Our forms and simplified employee management system provides the employer with a “blueprint” to show a progression or regression of the employee’s performance. This compendium includes 45 forms, fifteen training guides and “How to…” instructions showing supervisors the proper way to use and apply each and every form. EZ-HR™ is a complete solution to your company’s human resource needs.

TR Anton’s EZ-HR system offers you…

  • Unlimited access to a comprehensive library of HR forms.
  • Bi-lingual employee forms.
  • Documentation through dynamic pdf forms.
  • Brief training guides for each form.
  • Logo customization available of all forms.

TR Anton can also develop and maintain custom documents such as employee handbooks designed to meet the specific need of your company

TR Anton makes HR easy so if your ready for a change give us a call