5 Reasons To Choose TR Anton and Associates as your Full-Service Human Resources Firm

  • We make HR simple.Outsourcing your human resources with TR Anton simplifies things and lets you focus on what you do best, the core of your business. Let us deal with the red tape, regulations and compliance issues surrounding human resources.
  • Limit your exposure to legal liability.In today’s society employee lawsuits are all too common. With a team of trained HR professionals to assist you, TR Anton can effectively ensure that you are in compliance with ever-changing local, state, and federal regulations. We ensure that issues are addressed and documented in the appropriate manner and that your employees and managers are trained on how to correctly deal with a wide range of workplace issues. Outsourcing with the trained HR professionals at TR Anton can significantly reduce your exposure to a wide range of potential legal liability.
  • Lower costs.Outsourcing your HR to TR Anton can significantly reduce the costs associated with the recruitment, retention, and separation of employees. The average employer with less than 500 employees will spend $1,650 per employee per year just to comply with state and federal regulations. Let us help you save time and money.
  • Higher productivity.Through effective documentation and employee management, TR Anton can help build and maintain a team of individuals who form a consistently high performing team.
  • Professional HR for small to medium-sized companies.Most companies can’t afford the resources and training need to maintain a professional in-house HR department. With TR Anton you don’t have to. Leave the HR work to us. With our Full-Service HR consulting you have a team of highly trained HR professionals available when and where you need them. We’ve helped clients of all sizes, contact us for a one on one consultation and see how we can help you.