TR Anton offers several options in employee training from in-person seminars to online training for new hires and managers. Our online training course are available to all of our clients and simplify the process of meeting state and federal requirements that employers provide proper training to their employees in the area of unlawful harassment.

Online Training – The cost-effective and easy solution to employee training

Presented in 4 easy to use and understand courses presented by nationally recognized expert Mr. George Howes MPA, BS.

Courses include:

  • A look at Harassment; Which is forbidden by law. – This course meets or exceeds state and federal requirements for unlawful harassment training. This course covers topics including unlawful harassment, discrimination, and workplace retaliation. The course is available in 2 formats one for managers and a condensed version design for every employee and new hire. It concludes with an interactive testing module which ensures your employees have learned and understand the material presented. Once passed both the employee and employer receive a printed certificate indicating that they are in compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • Forms and Document Training. – This course is designed to educate your staff on not only the importance of documentation but the correct methods, forms, and content of proper documentation. Remember documentation is evidence.
  • Practical Legal Consideration for Decision Making – This course focuses on important legal points your managers and supervisors need to consider before making certain employment decisions that have the potential to negatively and legally impact you as an employer.
  • How to be an effective supervisor – This course teaches managers about their role as a supervisor and includes topics such as proper employee discipline, recruiting, interviewing and hiring, as well as wrongful discharges and how to avoid them.

On-site training – Training customized to meet your needs.

TR Anton offers on-site training and seminars customized to meet your specific needs.