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Whether you are a small company with 5 to 10 employees or a large company with hundreds of employees across multiple locations, human resources management is a complex and often arduous task. There are ever-changing state and federal regulations you must comply with and a host of issues, from workers comp insurance to unlawful workplace harassment, that every company must deal with. Not every company has the resources or even the need for an in-house HR department, but every company needs some type of professional HR support. This is where TR Anton and Associates comes in. We are a full-service HR consulting firm that specializes in helping small to medium-sized businesses fulfill their HR needs at a reasonable cost per employee. We offer a wide range of stand-alone solutions and custom packages to fit your business.

At TR Anton and Associates we help you navigate the minefield of state and federal regulations making sure you are in full compliance with the most current regulations. We offer extensive training and documentation to support the recruitment, retention and eventual separation of employees. We provide you with professional expertise to; limit and reduce your exposure to legal liability, to identify and retain top performing employees, to identify and address potential problems early on before they become unmanageable, and much much more. If you are ready to get back to running the core of your business and make your HR as simple and cost-effective as possible, contact us for a free one on one consultation to see how we can make a difference in your on-going success.

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