The TR Anton Interactive Employee Ethics and Complaint Hotline

Tr Anton offers an interactive employee complaint hotline either as a stand-alone product or as part of our Full-Service HR Consulting.

Designed as a self-contained product the interactive complaint hotline is supported by instructional material, postings, investigation process, employee acknowledgment and receipt documents.

The complaint intake process is an essential part of every program designed to prevent unlawful harassment, discrimination, retaliation or other employee misconduct.

The TR Anton employee complaint line is a toll-free hotline where your employees can file complaints. All complaints are handled by trained professionals and thoroughly documented. This allows you, the employer to weed out the less serious issues while catching the problems with potentially serious legal implications before they become unmanageable.

Benefits of our Employee Complaint Hotline

  • Significantly reduce employer risk to legal liabilities
  • Catch potential problems early on before they become unmanageable
  • 24/7 access/si Habla Espanol
  • Thorough documentation for easy tracking of issues
  • All complaints handled by trained professionals